k r i s t e n
d e s i g n

p r o c e s s

Logo Revelation

I decided to go with the name Fish House because it encompasses the word "fulfilling" and the type of experience I'm advocating for with a clever twist of modernity. The F and H are formed to make the structure of the house of fish. They resemble fish bones and possibly a hook. It says it without saying anything. My illustration will still be prevalent. I like the way my fish looks with these lines. I'm getting very excited about the way this is coming together. 

Degree Project | Research | Thoughts

There are three sheets here of my thoughts and one organized page of the research and questions that are arising in terms of my senior degree project. I am exploring the word "salubrious" and everything encompassing it. Everything outside of it. All things considered. Beginning with the mind and the idea of the creative process being a healing one. A necessary step out of a sad mindset. How does one create when making becomes bogged down by the mind? Rumination is what I explored in the second page. Incessant, unforgiving rumination. My thoughts absolutely consume me. Design is therapeutic in that it gives me momentary breaks from this and channels my energy into work. Production is important to me. Joy is important to me. When I don't feel joy it is difficult for me to make but if I do not make, I will never feel joy. The whale imagery is one of displaced disorientation in a surreal environment. My goals are quickly approaching in a beautiful, graceful way but without feeling grounded within myself, that means nothing. It doesn't seem real that I am about to embark on the next chapter of my life.

Logo/ name explorations
I have been exploring these logos in context and am going to have to digitally translate some of these illustrations. Some are working better than others. I think today I'm going to work on another sheet of logos that seem more fulfilling and in line with the essence of the brand. I'm not sure I've chosen the right word. Thinking perhaps I should've chosen "satisfying" or "hearty". 

More sketches
I'm still exploring the word "fulfilling" and how that might be visually represented within this context. The last sketch is most recent. I'll be narrowing down three from here and six iterations of each. Starting to like the name fish house more and more. But I enjoy the whimsical quality of flounder and the unexpected places it could go. 

Flounder logotype sketches
I have quite a few more sketches on the wall at school but this is what I did after the kids went to bed.  A few more sketches with the word fulfilled in mind. Also using more of the Fish House rather than Flounder's name. These pertain more to being satisfied and eating. I will be scanning all of the rest in tomorrow at school so that I have high-res images. My phone locked me out and I lost the photos I took of my sketches on the wall at school this afternoon and I don't like posting on Facebook this late in case people have notifications turned on or something. So I will post my high-res scans on Facebook and on here tomorrow. I have really enjoyed this part. I forget how much I love to draw. I forced myself to draw with a sharpie for a year to gain some confidence in my mark making and I think, now that I've gone back to pencil, it has really helped me improve. I have a greater appreciation and attention to the sensitivity of the medium. Not perfect by any means but much better than I used to be. I can execute on paper what I'm visualizing much more easily. 'till tomorrow- 

Flounder Mood Boards
I made one mood board digitally and felt like I needed to do something tactile so I chose to make a collage for my other mood board. It rings true to the nostalgia/authenticity that I am trying to express with this branding. I carefully chose each image and the way it interacts with the others. More of the brand sort of revealed itself to me as I was searching for and cutting images. I'm playing a bit of catch up again because I got sick with strep throat on Friday and was sort of incapacitated for a few days because of fevers. This was fun to do. I think I need to make another round when I'm feeling better. 

Flounder Schematics Page, Redo
I had a little bit of downtime and my favorite thing to do is make iterations. Maybe not my favorite but it is therapeutic. I am still a bit unsure on the name, I suppose we will see post-critique. This version is a lot more legible. I feel like it's taking me a minute to get back into the swing of things. The things I have learned thus far have sunk in but are still taking a minute to fully realize because of time constraints. I sometimes get caught up in just getting the work done, the assignment turned in, and try to not fret so much over the design just to save my sanity. I am really grateful for the time I have to make revisions of things because it reminds me of my potential. Anyway, I'm having fun with this.

15 Problems & Solutions + Menial Tasks App Mood Board
These are some things that our demographic may have a hard time with during their first year or so away from home and some apps or online sources that will help.

  1. Finding a place to eat -- Opentable or Foursquare
  2. Finding books for school -- Chegg
  3. Finding a roommate -- roomi
  4. Basics of cleaning -- UFYH
  5. How to meal plan -- pepper plate
  6. Coupons to save money -- GrocerIQ
  7. Consolidating Social Media -- Hootsuite
  8. Splitting the bill with friends -- split wise
  9. Bus/Transportation -- uber
  10. Car Maintenance -- RepairPal
  11. Meeting new people -- meet up
  12. Bill pay reminders -- mint bills
  13. Utility monitor to keep cost down -- nest
  14. Lowest gas prices -- gas buddy
  15. Trouble sleeping alone at night/ loud city noise -- white noise (app)

Flounder Fish House Branding schematics
I decided to create a seafood restaurant called Flounder. It has a rich story full of compassion and care for fish, food, service, and the environment. I didn't want to give myself too many restrictions at this point as far as aesthetic, I just wanted to outline the brand essence, which in this case is fulfilling. Often times you go to a specific restaurant, expecting an elevated dining experience and are left feeling a bit disappointed in some way. Flounder is dedicated to providing you with the full experience of an authentic restaurant on the coast with the freshest, most pristine fish in the Midwest and an upscale environment that is welcoming and warm without breaking the bank.