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Book Cover Sketches (part 2) + Revised

This first group of images relate to the story, Early Autumn by Langston Hughes.

Trying to find appropriate colors for this image. 

Almost touching:

Silhouettes with an hourglass between them:

Silhouettes with a fleeting clock:

Leaves between:

Lone Leaf:

This group of images is for the story On the Road by Langston Hughes.

Prison bars with a church door behind them. 

Another rendition:

(I think I'd like to construct the stained glass with tissue paper and then photograph some actual bars in front of it) 

An image of broken columns that I think would also be really interesting if constructed with paper. 


I also want to illustrate another image like the above with the lamb in a sitting position. 

Here are two revised editions that I'm still working on: