k r i s t e n
d e s i g n

p r o c e s s

Metaphor Compositions (updated!!! 10/28/14)

I updated my composition for "worry" and I think it translates the feeling of the word a lot more accurately. It's distorted and repetitive but still aesthetically pleasing. 

I like this composition a lot more as well. This is for the word "tension". I made sure all sides were bound to create maximum pressure for the text. I left a little ridge of negative space to make you feel extra uncomfortable. 

I am using this paranoia sketch as my final for the project. Emmy and I both agreed this one translates the connotation of the word pretty well. It's also an interesting composition. It reminds me of a piranha, which induces a fair amount of paranoia. 

I'm really happy with all three of my pieces. I had to fervently push myself to create new compositions and get out of my comfort zone. For as simple of a project as this was, it proved to be quite difficult conceptually. 

{old revisions}

These top two are new versions. I think the worry is apparent now. (eek) I increased the size of the "ension" and cleaned up the for of the capital T's. I think these resonate the context a lot more successfully than the earlier versions. 

I wanted to capture the overwhelming feeling of being worried and the way that these incessant racing thoughts change your perspective. Lowercase letters were utilized to create a sense of sheepishness. I came up with some words to describe how being worried feels and created my composition based on those. The words were compressed, overwhelmed, fleeting, and distorted. 

The same words fit with the second composition for "paranoia".

I used all caps because this is a pretty daunting word. It begins small and gradually increases until it is consuming the entire width of the page, much like paranoia slowly builds and consumes. 

My final composition contains the word "tension". All caps were used and the "ension" is squeezed between two T's to display the meaning of the word.