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Narrative Critiques


I commented on Mary Lim's and Derick's. 

We were requested by Emmy to come critique one of your narrative posts and I found your video for "A Centre In a Table" particularly memorable. Notwist was an incredibly appropriate choice. The slow eerie progression fits perfectly with the context and movement. I like that this feels handmade and a bit gritty ( in a great way ). The video for "A Table" has the same appeal in a more lighthearted manner. I love the way you utilized shadows and angles to display the text. I think the analogue approach is very effective. Really impressive work. :) This looks like it took a ridiculous amount of time!

I love the calm, surreal nature of the first video. The repetition and the reverse music works really well with the context. The way the images move is mesmerizing. It's very fluid, soft and successful. I think the gentleness of the second video is really appropriate as well. The slow movement captures the eye and allows the viewer to absorb the words. When I think of "a little" I think of imagery like this. Very nice!