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Refined Sketches for Langston Hughes book covers

This first set of images is for "On the Road" by Langston Hughes. 

The setting is during the depression in the dead of winter. The man is desperate to find shelter and warmth. This hand is a symbol of the cold desperation that was prominent in the reading. He also slips into a dream like state when he is knocked unconscious. I tried to make this a little distorted and surreal to capture that moment in the story. 



I used a piece of beveled glass that is supposed to go in front of the fireplace and put tissue paper and a light behind it. I collect old bibles and had one with an image of Jesus on the front. I photographed both and voila. The man in the book has a vision that he is walking with Jesus. Jesus tells the man he is headed for Kansas City. I shot the glass from below to capture the perspective of walking up to the ominous LOCKED church doors. 


This sketch is for the story, "Salvation" by Langston Hughes. The lamb is a symbol of the young boy that is confused about what it means to be saved and accept Christ. This cover represents two themes from the story; innocence and isolation. I debated on the size of the lamb in relation to the negative space on the page. I wanted to create an isolated feel while still retaining the legibility for the Amazon mock up format. 



"Early Autumn"

Fleeting time, Lost Love, Nostalgia

These silhouettes are symbols for Bill and Mary, the characters in the story. They haven't seen each other in a very long time and are reflecting on their childhood love and perhaps missed opportunities. The sand between them represents the time lost. This image fits the themes for fleeting time and lost love. 

This image represents lost love and nostalgia:

Nostalgia/fleeting time:

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