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Final Book Covers

I critiqued Rachael's, Katie's, Whitney's and Kimberle's. 

This was the most difficult project for me thus far. There was so much room to second guess my designs. As you can see from my process, I feel as if I scrapped a multitude of beautiful images to get to a set of covers that were not only representational but translated as a series when viewed together. Choosing a font was extremely difficult. I ended up selecting Whitney LightSC regular for each cover. The thin, clean lines were legible and seemed to go well with the quiet, profound misery I was trying to capture. My cover for "On the Road" was the most difficult because my designs were complex which made the text difficult to read. I was pretty sure I wanted to stay with the lamb for "Salvation" from the beginning. It's the perfect symbol for the confused boy in the story. "Early Autumn" was the most difficult conceptually. Love and loss are difficult things to represent without being tawdry. I think the image I created reflects nostalgia and lost love quite well. Although my images seem a bit straightforward, it took quite a bit of abstraction to get to this point. I am overall very pleased with the outcome, especially how well I was able to fit these three together. I experimented with color but none of these stories are modern and they are all a bit dark. Each story is full of isolation and struggle. Because of this, I think keeping with a black and white color scheme was appropriate. The book covers successfully reflect the deep sadness that is in each of these stories.  I think my strengths with this project were not marrying myself to a particular idea and being able to start over when something wasn't working. The journey it took for me to get this point makes me appreciate these covers all the more.