k r i s t e n
d e s i g n

p r o c e s s

More Serifa Anatomy Sketches (updated)

I am trying to incorporate some 1960's patterns within these sketches. If I can do it without being cheesy, I think it will make for a really beautiful theme throughout the book. I'm conducting a lot of research for phrases and happenings of 1964 to use for the anatomy and as a general theme throughout the book. This was an incredibly eventful year. NASA launched the lunar program with unmanned spaceships, and initial training for Neil Armstrong and the rest of the crew that would be the first to step on the moon a few years later in 1964. The Ranger VII took over 4,000 high resolution photos of the moon. 21,000 American soldiers were presently in Vietnam. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson. The Beatle's played their first live show in the United States on the Ed Sullivan show, setting off "beatle mania" in the U.S. Muhammed Ali became the heavyweight champion of the world. 
My mother was born, which in turn began my journey to existence (thanks mom).

And finally, the patterns. 

Gerard Miller: 

I'm in love with these colors. To preserve the nostalgic feel, the sepia toned paper is essential. I tried extracting the colors but they don't work together without the breaks of the off-white. 

 Unikko 50 years

This is actually the 50th anniversary of Marimekko’s most iconic pattern, Unikko.
Maija isola’s classic Unikko (Poppy) pattern was born in 1964 shortly after the company’s founder Armi Ratia had announced that Marimekko would never print a floral pattern. Maija refused to obey Armi’s orders and, in protest, designed an entire collection of floral patterns.
One of them was Unikko.
I utilized Unikko in this first rendition.