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Visual Interview Spread

I am undecided about the color of the open spread. I liked it darker because I think it reflects a part of Brendan's personality and it creates a little bit of contrast from the other pages. I am unsure if it will look well when it is all put together. I chose the wood background to sort of suggest masculinity and sports/baseball/nostalgia but not throw it in your face. I kept lime green in the details instead of the whole picture. I had lime green backgrounds and it was just too abrasive. I made arrangements to be in studio really really early tomorrow to tile print this. I'm excited to see how it turns out (although, last night I had a nightmare about tile printing). I am so happy with how far this has come from my previous sketches. These final projects are elusively difficult. This did not come easily for me but I am proud of my persistence. 


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