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Album cover revisions

If there was an award for explorations and tossed ideas, I think I would be a candidate. I will post some of the ideas I have worked on/disposed of. Each exploration has led me to something great in a new composition. I feel as though I have beat this to death and it still isn't quite what I'm looking for. I made things really complex within the composition and then reduced it down to purely sounds and I'm trying to find a nice place between those two worlds. I want this to evoke how the album sounds, but also how it feels. Elements I want to capture:  strings (guitar, viola, ostrich guitar) percussion, slow paced, vixen/temptress, phallic/sexual references, unexpected colors,  posh art scene 1964 NY, disembodied pleasure, alternate reality. There is a black and white, elegant artsy essence that I have tried to build off on for my simpler compositions. I'm positive that after all of this, surely I will have things set solid by tomorrow. 

Please keep in mind these are all process images.