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Amtrak Research

This project makes me happy. I have only ridden a train at a museum once, but have always had an affinity for them. I have chosen my route, which is the California Zephyr. This train's route is Chicago, Salt Lake City, Emeryville, San Francisco. 

Here is the route. I changed the color a bit to make it stand out. The light blue indicates night, the red is daylight. I think it's one of the most beautiful routes from the research I have done. I'm excited about the transitions from day to night and the drastically different landscapes. 

What the view from the inside looks like: 


I'm so happy they have skylight windows. 

These photos are from the actual route. Gives me a better idea of what I might see when traveling on this specific train. The climate change, geographical differences, etc. 

An old postcard showing what the zephyr used to look like. 

I'm going to work on some sketches tonight. I have a much better idea for direction now that I've done this preliminary research. So excited about this project!