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d e s i g n

p r o c e s s

Design artifacts / Reading

Below are some artifacts of design that appeal to me. I like simple, organized design. I've realized some of the products I regularly buy are based on design. 

I love these unexpected color combinations and the feelings they evoke. The perfect amount of nostalgia and simplicity. 

This book cover is sort of interactive with the image changing face on the back. When the image is turned upside down it looks like a clown. 

My favorite peas. 

I love Sherwin William's ads utilizing the paint chips to create compositions but these are also really eye catching. 

Smashberry Wine has a beautiful label. The image perfectly represents how it tastes. 

I took some notes from the readings which really helped clarify the definitions of all of the new terms we went over in class. I'm starting to understand why I like the designs that I like.