k r i s t e n
d e s i g n

p r o c e s s

ACT anchor/relay exercise

Here are my 16 sketches for anchor and relay using the 
Grand Budapest Hotel. 

Anchor with image:

Relay with image:

Relay with type: 

Anchor with type:

This is an image of all of these posted on the wall for discussion today. 


Convention- the way society understands something/ the norm

Motivation- the relationship between image and signifier 

Anchorage- solidifies the meaning of what is being pictured 

Relay- questions, or gives more information of the image 


I found the segment from the visual verbal synergy really interesting. The way that words and pictures work together to create a much more powerful image. A lot of ads are made this way to bring in the reader. The relationship between text and image and the reader is easier to understand through all of these theories that are in place. The interaction of word and picture is a complex thing and I'm glad we have these readings to solidify the lectures. The readings also went over the physical placement of text and how that can change the way the page is read. Which message do you want to appear to the viewer first? Barthe called it relay because of the complimentary relationship between text and image. It's interesting to see how over time, text and image relationships have changed with our culture and have become more cryptic.