k r i s t e n
d e s i g n

p r o c e s s

Semiotics: Changing Connotation

Below I have labeled two separate images with their respective terms relating to Semiotics. The first image is a label from a bottle of wine. The second is a still from Wes Anderson's film, The Grand Budapest. This exercise was a lot of fun, but a lot more difficult than I expected. 

To further explore the idea of connotation vs. denotation, I have manipulated this image many different times to change the connotation. 

The reading was really helpful. I found it interesting to hear about something like Semiology being born into existence. A theory that, like the text says, there was a place for but hadn't been established yet. I think the more I read and apply these terms, the more I understand them. Although, some things do contradict each other, and others change according to context, so it is difficult to keep it all straight. There are so many components and formulas that explain why things are aesthetically more pleasing and why certain advertisements are so much more striking than others. Doing the edits to attempt to change connotation really helped. The readings explains everything very clearly but actually putting these terms to work and deciphering which is which is more difficult than it seems.