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ACT Reflection

Overall, I think I'm doing well in this class. I think I am successful in creating a clear and concise final design for my presentations and just in understanding the terminology of rhetoric. I have struggled a bit with time constraints and juggling the other classes but I have managed that in my own way. I plan on taking spring break to organize my life and make things a bit more streamlined for my creative process at home. I haven't had the time in studio that I was able to get last semester because of my class/work/children schedule but I feel that I am making up for it in my own time. I have expanded my creative process and this class has really helped give me the tools I need to get to a concept a lot quicker, which was a problem for me. I have a lot of ideas and not enough time. I feel as if the juggling act got a lot more tricky this semester for some reason. I think in part because I'm thinking about design in a more complex manner and want to always address it from that perspective. My goals for the rest of this semester are to do my best to have great final products and work on my time management to have a more streamlined work process. I have done a lot better at getting to a final concept in my other classes and I think this has to do with the building blocks this class has taught me throughout the past two semesters. I really appreciate learning theory, even though it can be frustrating at times, and I can see myself growing and changing into the designer that I know I have the potential to be.