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p2 update

This has been the week of bad luck for me. This weekend I reprinted my California Zephyr poster, even larger with improvements and when I went to pick it up, it was on copy paper. GIANT copy paper. So the colors were wrong, everything. And then yesterday I had a test that I would have aced, but I forgot to go back and finish half of an entire essay before I turned it in. I worked on my timeline poster all day yesterday, dedicated the entire day to it and got to a great point to stop, came home from work. The visualization was beautiful but the type was too much so I decided to clean up my research/ 7 + events last night because some of the dates were unclear and the rest of the poster was so clean I wanted the typography to match. After I put my kids to bed, I fell asleep basically on my computer about 9pm. With my laptop open. When I woke up this morning at 5am, there was the circle of death hovering over my project.

So instead of freaking out, I decided to try to recreate a little bit of what I had done. And then illustrator told me this.

This is the part where I freaked out. 

So while I won't have anything for critique today, I'd like to post what I can of what I was working on. 

Here is the timeline: 

 1827- "microphone" phrase coined by Sir Charles Wheatstone for the all mechanical vibration stethoscope 

1876 Emile Berliner - Alexander Graham Bell - David Edward Hughes 
all apparently invented (and fought over) the invention of the 
Carbon Microphone

This is Berliner pictured, who went to the grave with the idea that Bell stole his idea. Which arguably was common knowledge at the time, just hadn't been refined/created. 

Thomas Edison refined the carbon button transmitter on the carbon microphone

First ever radio broadcast (thanks to microphone) 
New York Metropolitan Opera House

E.C. Wente Bell labs
Condenser Microphone 

Captain H.J. Round
Marconi microphone 

Ribbon Microphone Harry F. Olson 

Shure 55 Unidyne microphone was designed by engineer Ben Bauer

Electro-voice academy award winning
Shotgun Microphone

Shure Brothers 

Digital Microphone
DM 1001

This is something I found for inspiration:

I like the linear qualities but also the circular envelopment. My imagery looked like a visualized sound wave and had text coming from the center in these lovely little lines. I'm really upset because it took forever to get everything lined up. I was adding the images of the mics when it crashed. They were lined up chronologically on the right hand side, all luminescent but not true to their color for uniformity. Each one would have a reference point back to it's location on the timeline. 

These are some sound visualization examples that I drew even more inspiration from. 

I have a lot of work to do.