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d e s i g n

p r o c e s s

Emmert Donaghy Visualization

As you can see the communicator A transmits the message to communicator B, receiving feedback in return. The noise makes the message/feedback increasingly more difficult to decipher until it falls away. The communicator's interpretation of the information is manipulated by perception, motivation, and reasoning. Donaghy created this model in 1981. Sound is utilized to exaggerate the meaning and process of the communication. There are two voices representing each communicator. Communicator A is the male voice that starts at the beginning. The noise ascends, and when it ends, you can hear the female voice of communicator B. No particular reason they are male and female, just easy to decipher. These are sound samples/combinations from STS9 and Mica Levi. Thanks for watching. :)

Emmert Donaghy Communication Model Visualization from Kristen A on Vimeo.

Here are some photos (courtesy Rachael Haas) of our 3d model. The material is steel wool. We used different textures and shades to imply the message moving from one side to the other. The outer frame is made of wire and the letterforms were cut from foam board. 



And finally, here is a rendition of our poster visualizing this model.