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P3 Artifacts // Marconi

The more I work on this the more I want to change and the more excited I get about it. So many details finally coming together to create a narrative about this person. I wanted to portray this inventor as genius, scientific, sophisticated, elegant, and masculine. Some of these things were difficult to translate because of the time differences. The pictogram, for me, was really difficult because it seems so modern and like it doesn't fit in. I tried a silhouette and I may go back and revisit that. The image that the presentation begins with is one of my many attempts at a pictogram. I'm especially excited about the morse code SOS symbol which was first transmitted by Marconi, the brains of this invisible communication. The "S" is spelled with three dots, the "O" with three dashes, and then the "S" again. The letter mark is a personification, the "G" being the head of Marconi, the "M" forming his suit/body. I'm excited to see how this all translates into the 3-d model.