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Website/Muse update

It took me a long time to get this concept narrowed down. I originally went with a really overwhelming space theme, I'm trying to simplify. The imagery needed to be smooth and something that didn't scream for attention because a lot of my found imagery for these projects isn't cohesive in design. This is why I chose the black and white with the hints of color. I still may color code the icons. I included images for my menu of different body parts that imply communication and the senses. I also wanted something that felt timeless and sort of arbitrary to, once again, let the main focus of the page (communication) breathe. This stuff was hard to put together in a keynote to look nice, let alone a website. With that in mind, my design became pretty quiet and simple.

First page is my home screen which does not scroll. Each icon has a turquoise overlay when scrolled over, as you can see in the second screen shot where semiotics is highlighted. When you click on the semiotics icon, you'll be taken to a scrolling list of examples. The imagery may still change for this but I wanted to get the basics down first. Each icon on the semiotics page turns to full resolution when rolled over or clicked, and back to the turquoise overlay when inactive. Really enjoying designing this. I've been challenging myself to not over design and to make more confident decisions and trust my eye. So far so good.

few more edits