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Communication Website Update / Self Evaluation

This year has been a whirlwind to say the least. Back in August I wasn't even sure if I could make this happen so getting to the end of spring semester feels pretty good. The time issues have not gotten any better and I am feeling an overall sense of exhaustion and I really miss my kids. Creatively, I feel inspired to work on some of the ideas I've been harboring all semester and also to rework some projects that I have a new perspective on since I've learned more fundamental principles of design. I am marveling over just how much I have learned this year. To come from not even owning a Mac or being familiar with any of the Adobe programs to being able to design a broad spectrum of things feels pretty incredible. But with all of this progress I find myself quite fatigued. I think after I get a break from the commute and the lack of sleep and stress,  I'll have more energy to work. My projects all went through countless stages of refinement. Looking back, of course anything can use improvement but I enjoy the quality of work I reached before I moved on to the next project. I need to improve my process, as always, and learn a way to work more quickly and not get stuck on the research and context to be able to dive into the design. I tried to explore more this semester and really push the design, which sometimes involved a lot of removal. I disciplined myself to be a more sophisticated and abstract thinker. I worked to improve my craft. I learned that sometimes when an entire project gets deleted, it's for a reason and starting from scratch with the same concept can lead to really amazing things. I am learning to be more organized in every facet. My goal is to become more confident in my decision making and trust my instincts with what is working and what is not. Next semester I should have my childcare situation more feasible and hopefully be able to carve out more studio time to dedicate to my projects. I have been a little bitter lately about how much my time and situation hold my work back and what it might look like if things were different. I am encouraged by the fact that I still enjoy design, regardless of how stressful it has been.

As far as my website, it meshes time periods and touches on each of the five senses to extend the idea of communication and all of the ways in which we do so. I kept the color very minimal to not take away from the simplicity of the navigation. I spent a long time trying to create a sort of narrative to make this make sense. I wanted these things to exist in a space with dimension and texture, not just a flat screen. I had a lot of fun learning muse and finding a way to make all of this information look cohesive and spark interest. I plan on editing this up until Wednesday. With that being said, here are some final screenshots for my Applied Communication Theory website: