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Exploration I // Narrative Video

I've been experimenting with different things for about a week and finally got something on camera that is beginning to embody my visual ideas for this music. I placed within it a different song, the last 45 seconds of Complex Heaven from Brian Eno. I am leaning towards doing more of a collage or something more manipulated. Starting to wonder if my music is too boring. Most people in the class have really upbeat kind of dance music. This is more atmospheric. I think conceptually I can make it really interesting but I'm worried it will be boring. I'm very good at coming up with concepts; not very good at believing in myself.     Anyway, this has been a nice distraction. I really love science.

Against my own judgment I am posting this exploration as well. A layering // more of a manipulated scene. Again, the timing is off and the video is not properly edited. I was trying to create a visual//kinetic mood board to try to see what I was thinking. These both gave me more ideas. I wish we could do this project more than once so I could choose different artists and go in completely different directions. I suppose I could do that on my own with all my free time. 

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