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p r o c e s s

Final David Benoit/Jane Monheit Christmas Tribute Poster

This is my final poster for the concert. I did read the AIGA articles concerning the nomenclature of this field and what it means to be a designer in the future. I think in order to be avant-garde we have to stay at the forefront of technology because that is inevitably where design always ends up. 

and then I read this comment and I have to say I kind of agree. These articles were so dry to read. 

This is quite possibly the most boring article I've read this year. What a load of crap. Stuff your global imperatives and "sensitivity to human conditions"..we as designers are turning into a bunch of elitist, robotic, pantywaists. Let's not take ourselves so seriously people. We're not curing cancer here.

Lol Also thought it was weird that they say they've been working with Adobe since 2006 to define the future. That sounds exhausting. Isn't the future here? Shouldn't we be concerned with what's happening right now? I think we're missing something. I think we sacrifice things when we constantly look ahead. I think sometimes we sacrifice sincerity for innovation. Which brings me back to this poster. 

I struggled with this because it didn't feel like I was pushing any boundaries or making any waves. Just because something is avant-garde, doesn't make it genuine, doesn't make it the best, doesn't make it effective. Do we assume just because something is stylistically evolved that it is effective communicatively? Do these things go hand in hand? Where do we draw the line between right and wrong in design? Is a bad design one that doesn't communicate a message? Just some questions I've been pondering. 

This poster really pushed me in so many ways that aren't really apparent on paper, but I think will show up in my work. I've got to let go of being a perfectionist. I have to trust my ideas. 

I have some catching up to do, I am working on some sketches for the other deliverables. I had a sculpture due this week that I am pretty proud of. I think it really helped put me back in touch with myself and my aesthetic. Been feeling a little lost creatively this semester. Because I do solve each project in a different way, my personal aesthetic is absent from my work. Though when I look back, I can feel a personal presence in all of it.