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Final Typography Posters//Questions&Answers

Had some difficulties with printing but I think everything turned out the way it should (finally).

I had to reprint my horizontal piece tonight to preserve the color of the sphere within the text. It was lost on conversion to pdf, I attempted to print it anyway and it turned out very small. So the reprint, I took it into photoshop to preserve the details and added a background color since I won't be able to print on the paper I wanted to. It was all used on my other prints and there was no time. Fedex doesn't print on alternative paper. Anyway, I'm excited about how it turned out, despite my troubles. As you can see the color is a bit different. I was trying to simulate the paper color without losing the color on the type. 

• What is your poster about?
• What historical references or connections are you making in your poster?
• Who is your audience? Please specify…
• What visual messages are you wanting to make with your composition?
• In your own words, what makes the poster typographically driven?

My poster is about creating your own modular typeface. These are modern instructions for something that was developed a long time ago. Creating type on a grid. Just a simplified way of doing so. My audience would most likely be graphic designers because these are detailed instructions on creating your own modular typeface with a simple set of shapes. I suppose anyone could do it, it is simple enough, but there are a few things you would need to be aware of beforehand such as the grid, some of the wordage, etc. Although, this is pretty simply put. My visual message is calm and inviting. I want this to be an easy experience to read and understand. I think this poster is typographically driven through hierarchy and type placement. I think the eye is drawn to the right places in an easy to understand but interesting manner. I learned so much during this project.