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Music Poster Update//Questionnaire

So this zig zag is so much more difficult than it looks. This, to me, is a good representation or symbol of Charlie Brown and the holidays without throwing either idea in your face. Maybe I'm thinking ahead but I wanted to spend some time on this poster to get it right to make sure it was the direction I wanted to go in. I didn't do iterations of the others because they are all implemented into this one idea. I chose to brighten the yellow to make it more eye catching from the street and also worked for so so long getting that zig zag the character I wanted it to have with the correct line weight. I'm still not sure about the snow. Going to try another version without it on the letterforms of David Benoit's name. The top image includes the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. I think these illustrations can be fine tuned. I feel really good about the fact that I took three of my best ideas and combined them into one. If you remember, the bulbs with each character's outfit, the dark scene of the snow falling, and the charlie brown christmas tree were my three iterations before. This has been incredibly challenging. Working with a well known character without fringing on any copyright issues, while still maintaining recognition and familiarity///is hard. The top w/ the tree is my favorite. I like the movement that the little tree wisps give the whole piece. 

light blue and no snow:


Without reading the type, what would you say this poster is for? After reading, do you think the imagery is appropriate for the content and event? Do you think this would catch your eye driving by the theater? What imagery//emotions does this poster evoke? Is the typography appropriate for the mood of this poster? When you think of Charlie Brown Christmas what do you see?