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Narrative Video // Brian Eno

I have decided to use two songs from Brian Eno. One is from the album titled Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks. It's titled, Mattaa. The other is from Eno's album Small Craft on a Milk Sea and it's titled "Written, Forgotten."

My vision is to create an alternate reality/universe through abstraction and ambiguous shapes and formations. I have researched a few chemical reactions that can be filmed with a macro lens and used to make an interesting visual landscape with a vibrancy and energy all of its own. I've included a thumbnail of the drawings and notes that I made while researching.

Brian Eno is obsessed with alternate realities of time and the speed of time. How can we change it to create meaning? I want to use time to create a slower, longer 45 secs of alternate reality for the viewer. There are sounds of other creatures in Mattaa that I think I can use to my advantage.

A live performance with some variations of the same song:

A video of chemical reactions I used as inspiration. I especially like the lithium one, but obviously that's dangerous, have to find something similar but safer.