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Poster responses//tile print

Tile print in hallway:

Well, here are my questions and some responses. I really refined it a lot before critique today. I think all I have left to do now is the typography refinements and the bringing out the branch. I did try these suggestions and appreciated the input very much. Thanks to all who participated. <3 The more I refined this poster the more I fell in love with it. I'm really pleased with how it's turning out. Time to work on the type. :) 


Without reading the type, what would you say this poster is for? After reading, do you think the imagery is appropriate for the content and event? Do you think this would catch your eye driving by the theater? What imagery//emotions does this poster evoke? Is the typography appropriate for the mood of this poster? When you think of Charlie Brown Christmas what do you see? 


...if this is a musical tribute the only thought that came to my mind is to include with the snowflakes white musical snowflakes?

tried this and it looked too busy//didn't make sense from a distance 
I love the simplicity of it, but without reading the type, I’m not sure I would know what its for...  tbh, I personally wouldn’t recognize the yellow and black to represent Charlie brown’s shirt, only because I didn’t watch enough of it as a child to remember it, that said I wouldn’t change the ornamented at all though.
After reading I do think the imagery is appropriate for the content and event?  I do.
What does it evoke?  All I can think of is simplicity, I think some may love it, some may not.
I love the typography and think its very appropriate for the mood of this poster.
When I think of Charlie Brown Christmas I picture a sparse tree with 3-4 dangling branches and that one ornamentation hanging from one branch leaning the tree over just a little bit from its weight.

going to add more gravity to branch and ornament


Without the type, I still think of Christmas or winter when I look at the poster because of the blowing snow and ornament, even more so with the rendition that has the branch and dark blue night sky.  I think the ornament is subtle yet iconic enough to evoke memories of Charlie Brown.  So if it did have the type, I think I would think that the poster is for a Charlie Brown themed Christmas event, or possibly a poster for special movie showing for a place like Liberty Hall or the Tivoli.

I felt the dark blue made the it feel more wintry and liked the contrast it created, although the pastel sky blue is more "Charlie Brown."

I think the imagery is very appropriate and really like the subtle color scheme and design reference to Charlie Brown, but concrete symbol of the ornament to evoke Christmas nostalgia.

Like I said, I think the dark blue accentuated the Charlie Brown yellow and created contrast--while also making the branch less dominant (if the branch is used I think the dark blue is more eye catching).  However the sky blue stays more true to the Charlie Brown I remember, and it also creates its own contrast with the ornament.  I also feel that with the dark blue the yellow sticks out, but the black zig zag is less noticeable; the lighter blue on the other hand the zig zag really sticks out.

I think the imagery and mood is as stated above, very wintry but in a warm, inviting tone. (lighter blue obviously evokes a warmer feeling, whereas the dark blue more "wintry" or cold).

I think the typography is great for the mood of the poster, the snow is a nice touch.  I like the rounded typography as it blends with the snow and makes it look almost like snow-covered window panes.

I think of music and friendship when I think of Charlie Brown Christmas, and an almost unexplainable feeling of nostalgia like the most sacred things of season can make you feel. For example,  A Christmas Story evokes this same kind of nostalgia but different feelings and imagery.


The  First w/dark blue background: I like small evidence of tree. Don't like the date above DB's name, but is better down by 8pm. Also ornament maybe a little larger and on branch angled like your last example #5 from today.
No.2 w/lt background: not my favorite . . Too much branch showing, but like the date at the bottom.
Between 3 and 4: I like 3 better cause I like the larger ornament and snowflake image down by the 8pm.
No. 5 on lt blue: I like the angle of ornaments here and lt blue background is good w/snow. The only trouble here is I feel the writing doesn't show up as well. Also the outline has a little flaw on the lower left side in only one little spot.
Now for the questions! Yes, I'd know what this symbolizes so it's really clever and appropriate for content and event! It is eye-catching because the ornament makes one definitely think of CB's shirt! And when I think of CB's Christmas I think of the scrawny little tree, so the branch you have is perfect! The only other thing that really pops into my mind is also the ear flap hat he wore!