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Type Grid layout progress/ Nick Shinn Reading

I tried other typefaces for this and nothing seemed to fit with the modern aspect I was trying to achieve aesthetically. Because it is for a modular typeface design, I don't want a serif typeface. I also lengthened some of my paragraph lines and tried to balance the composition. Above are two renditions of my grid.

As far as the reading goes, it was very helpful. A few of the elements were review but some of them were explained. Maybe I had made the correct or incorrect choice in the past regarding type treatment but wasn't sure exactly why it worked or how to fix it. This reading helps with that tremendously. I feel that I'll need to go over it again and again for reference. It is clearly laid out and easy to grasp. "Typography exists to honour content." A Robert Bringhurst quote included in the reading. I am really glad we are going over all of this.