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15 sketches for Extracts

I am getting my glass amber bottles tonight so I will have them for class on Friday. I'm really interested in going in the botanical drawing direction. I think that it could look beautiful, modern, and elegant on this glass bottle. I want it to look like the plants are coming out of the cap as if they are growing inside the bottle. I may utilize a dropper instead of a cap, we'll see what I can find. 

I want to appeal to Pathos, but it's sort of hard with these essential elements. Maybe I could bring in nostalgia with the botanical drawings. Or perhaps logos with actual parts of the plant labeled like an Audubon society journal (which I was obsessed with as a kid). Or ethics with an herbalist? I don't think so. 

The audience would be people who cook. I hate to say, but primarily women. In my case, I like to have things handy on the counter right next to me and it's discouraging when the bottles look like yellow puke. I don't think essence of anything. Want to change that. Just like I think olive oils and all the other things that chefs have out regularly should be designed beautifully. Usually people who love to cook are sensory people all around, and enjoy pleasing aesthetics. 


I do enjoy the simplistic boldness of the second design. I think I can make a whole new identity for these products in a new and refreshing way. I think the plastic bottle really cheapens it though, so first thing is getting the glass bottle and seeing what my labeling ideas look like on that platform. I think a clear piece of acetate on the inside with the foliage/flowers and the outside adding text could be a really great way to add dimension and interest in a tiny space. 

just kidding that wouldn't show through the amber bottle. ha

Next I will be posting Persona/Mood boards. Too long for one post.