k r i s t e n
d e s i g n

p r o c e s s

36 hours final

I will photograph my final next week when they are returned. It ended up being 5x6.5''. I titled it Epoch which is basically a period in someone's life. This book is representative of right now, and someday when I look at it it will be rich with memories. I bound it using single page stitching, 6 holes with waxed thread. It was really time consuming but I enjoyed the process. I put it inside of a black felt pouch with gold stitching and a black flower button because I wanted it to be safe. I bring a warm black sweater wherever I go and I like to be alone in quiet places. When the book is revealed, it's a bit more modern than the cover. There is lots of depth to it. I feel that reflects my personality. This book was SO personal. It was difficult to maintain cohesion but I think I was successful through color and pace. The pages left in between are blank to allow room for sketching or notes as I love to write. I included some poetry that I had written in the book. Pieces I thought were appropriate for the narrative. There is an ebb and flow, a constant motion to my life. Things never stop moving. The imagery in the book reflects this. The pdf has a few line errors that weren't visible until I went to print. These were corrected before printing so the physical copy doesn't have any flaws.