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p r o c e s s

36 hours update

Have had a lot of revelations this weekend regarding the book now that I have a little creative room to breathe. The book will be split in half, having moments of communication between the two, but mostly representing duality and the ebb and flow of life. It is titled locomocean in reference to the constant forward motion, and the feeling i get when i don't think i can accomplish something but somehow i always move forward and get it done. Also the relationship and differences between my life at home and my life with school. I feel like I have a really good idea of what I'm going to do now, just need to refine some more details and start test printing to see what this looks like. I'm going to make the packaging for the entire thing out of felt or possibly some other soft material. I like quiet, soft places to think and to recharge. I don't like to give too much information away so there may be an aspect that is closed off or more difficult to get to. I think the book being physically split into two covers the metaphor I was trying to reach. There are still a lot of details to add including page numbers and handwritten, scanned in type from my sketchbooks and journals. I am also including a few paragraphs of things that I have written for the book. It seems to change as my imagery changes so I haven't placed anything except for the introduction. Excited to keep working on this.