k r i s t e n
d e s i g n

p r o c e s s

Charlie Brown Christmas Deliverables

The background is darker to demonstrate time. The poster is bright to be visible from the street. As the night commences, the ball drops farther and the sky gets darker. The brochure has little details to make it a more intimate viewing experience. 

The ornament extends off of the billboard to demonstrate weight and anticipation. The composition is balanced by the offset. I had to problem-solve to make this central, round image work in a rectangular composition. 


Billboard//1400px x 400px

792 x 264px


Animation Storyboard:

(The ornament bounces in after the snow salt shakes into the frame, the branch gracefully bouncing it into view from the weight of the falling snow, the snow slightly bounces off of the ornament, text comes in, end with bounce up//folly logo)