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Personas for Extracts

Cynthia Richmond_33 yo_SAHM_pinterest addict

Cynthia is a stay at home mother who does all of the cooking for her household. When she's not maintaining her home, she's looking at Pinterest boards and attempting all of the DIY crafts.  It is important to her to have a healthy, well-balanced, home-cooked meal for her children (whenever feasible). She is baking a vanilla cake for her son's first birthday and wants an authentic vanilla flavoring but will probably choose something based on pretty packaging because with three children screaming in the cart, she doesn't have time to look at ingredients.

Albert Denton_68 yo_ retired Army_husband and grandfather

Albert's wife still loves to bake those diabetic friendly goodies, but she isn't mobile enough to go to the store. She sends Albert to get some peppermint extract for her church bake-off cake. Albert can't see very well. He also isn't really sure why the hell there are 50 different peppermint extracts when they all do the same damn thing.

Nina Solares_18 yo_ just started college

Nina is living on her own for the very first time. She's feeling homesick and wants to bake the orange pineapple muffins her mom used to bake every Sunday but she doesn't have any orange extract. She has no clue what to get and no way to call home. Budget is a concern but so is aesthetic, obviously. Her new apartment is cute and her kitchen needs some pretty basic supplies.

I have to go leave work now but I will post mood boards asap.