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Reading/re-packaging update

Don't worry I'm still here.

I originally bought red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, and marsala for my product but I noticed someone had olive oil so I thought I better do something a little different. I went back and purchased the Table Blend spices which have a really neat bottle/ not so vivid label and also the sad extracts that Dillon's had for their store brand. Amber bottles with plain, bright yellow labels. They catch your eye with no reward. I love amber bottles so I'm thinking of changing those to a nicer substitute, but not glass/ too expensive. Just a nicer bottle. I was thinking of doing a vinyl/clear label with illustrations and type/possibly illustrating With type. I want to draw out some vanilla beans, oranges, and peppermint leaves.

Right now, I don't think any modes of appeal are being used for the extracts. None. I thought this was an especially bad design. They are trying to use color but it just gets lost in all that yellow. bluh.

I wanted to choose a product that is special to someone who loves to cook. These things often sit out on the counter, why can't they be more beautiful. Usually cooks have a taste for beautiful aesthetic, even in visual forms. I love to cook, it's something that really relaxes me. Hate dishes though. I will have illustrations up tomorrow.

I think this can be kept in the same price-range and upshift the market by appealing to a wider range of consumers with beautiful, concise labeling. I think this could be done in both bold/delicate manners. This product could look expensive without raising the cost of packaging by very much.

I'd like to use the senses to appeal to the consumer in this case. When you think of extracts, they are an essence of something, they are almost an exaggeration of whatever they are extracted from. Almond extract does not smell like an almond. Orange, peppermint, and vanilla I think could be really lovely illustrated. Diving into this project. :) ...

Also, the reading. . .

It gave me a little flicker of how impactful this career path could really be. I know but I need to be reminded. How the tools of communication at our feet provide endless possibilities. Also, how I hate consumerism. I know, I'm a part of it. But if I'm going to create things in that line of work, I hope I will be able to inform and persuade consumers to make better decisions. The article also reminded me that when communities work together, things get done. How powerful is it to be able to send out a message, have people respond and come together to make a difference? Or just make someone feel better. I choose better, not more. :) quality>quantity