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Kismet//Video update

This project really brought about a lot of self-revelation. I have come to terms with the fact that my process is full of thought and experimentation and I intuitively move forward, gathering all of the ideas into one cohesive idea at the very end. Though it is slow, it is reliable. My final product never turns out the way I reveal it initially, but I'm always pleased by the end. My frustrations in the beginning are rewarded with a growth that could only come, for me, through this process. 

I have a difficult time telling you what I'm going to do on paper before I actually try to do it. There is a necessary element of visualization that has to occur before things start making sense. I have a ton of process renderings to show. It's interesting to see where my mind went. I'm happy with the conclusion that I came to as far as the narrative is concerned. I actually shot footage last year of my silhouette for the David Bowie quote video, which if you remember, I had the exact same process and very similar struggles. During my three weeks of thought I filmed my ideas to make them tangible so I could see what they looked like on screen. The overlay of the liquid was shot with a macro lens, I posted about it a while back and wasn't sure what to do with it yet. This is how it surfaced. 

The story is called "kismet" which is fate/destiny. I've felt like life has sort of thrashed me around like a rag doll more than a few times. My children have experienced it with me for the past 7/5 (respectively) years. They are tough as nails and we have an unbelievably close bond. I don't know what I'd do without them. This is that story. The silhouettes create an ambiguity for viewer interpretation. I didn't want to make this so specific to me that no one could relate. My shadow is seen first, then Mallina's & Roman's in the order they were born. I felt that the live footage I took of myself with no filters and no shadows was far too revealing and detailed. I needed something more shrouded, more closed off. 

On a more aesthetic based note, I've been working with shadows, light, silhouettes since last year, very first project in Image class. It's something I'm very interested in and plan on exploring more of. I made a sculpture in my elective class that is a reverse shadow box. It projects light and creates a duplicated silhouette of whatever is in front of it. It contains a prism to demonstrate refraction. Reflecting and refracting metaphorically are something I've been dwelling on for a while. Just light in general. 

I was also able to use things I learned from my sound production class a (an interactive arts elective) to edit the sound and be able to pinpoint textures and atmosphere that it created. 

I am making a secondary video that will be stop motion. I may have to finish it post-deadline for a personal project, which is fine with me I enjoy doing it. I will be posting it though. I'm going to make more little animations in general so I can further explore light and sound within the platform.

I'm editing a few timing issues and cleaning this up, will post final Thursday evening.