k r i s t e n
d e s i g n

p r o c e s s


A more detailed wireframe of what is to be our timeline. It may change after I talk to Justin but this is what my version looks like. I wanted it to create a sense of intrigue and ambiguity, something people will want to come up and interact with.

 It's modeled after a zoetrope. We wanted the movement to be derived from something nostalgic and also utilize a natural interaction. Making a virtual version of something without cheapening the experience. Each slit will have an illustration or a picture in it that correlates with the date selected. It can be moved to create a moving image or a succession of stills through time. Justin is going to be illustrating. I plan on animating this so you can see how it moves. And also getting the projection up today. I am really excited about where this idea has gone, glad to be working with Justin.