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36 hours Book Final Photos

My final book is encased in a black felt pouch with a flower-shaped button and gold stitching. It is not perfect but it is keeping it together. The loose threading is a metaphor for how things in my life are always hanging on by a thread. I strive for perfection but don't always obtain it. I included things that I have written to blend with they typographic photos. I manipulated my photos of found typography to feel like they are always moving, paying attention to details that others don't always notice. The three chapters are indicative of my three life compartments, which are school/work, kids, me. I used vinyl for the page numbers and the title. The stitching is in a gold gradient. Black is the main color because it's the dominant color in my wardrobe. Epoch basically means a period in someone's life. I interpreted this as a visual memoir through space and time. It will remind me in ten years of how difficult but beautiful this time was.