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Book Design Inspiration Final Type III Project

A TYPOGRAPHIC BOOK: Readings from the field 

Part I

By using the Adobe InDesign application, students will take on a busy task to re-design raw typographic content/text into meaningful and dynamic multi-page systems. A majority of the information or text will be provide to you by your instructor to use within the system of the design. Grid systems and the principle of visual hierarchy will play an important an effective role when organizing type and image into a booklet. Lectures on pages systems and visual hierarchies will be presented throughout the project development. Organizing page content and information will become useful and a rich typographic presence will be paramount within this assignment. The challenges of this project is to combine rich page-design style(s) to strike a balance between typographic legibility and effective readership while considering past design techniques. In addition to the typographical solution you create, your deliverable will also include a process blog that fully documents your creative process as well as a final bound book.

I am keeping most of my book design inspiration organized on a board on Pinterest. I think it's a great place to get a wide array of inspiration from. Sure there are worn out aesthetics on there, but if you know how to sort of dig around, you can find some really amazing things. I think the key is to not search for what you are looking for, but rather a piece of it.

Follow my board here.

For the content of this book, I want something classic but refreshing. I am thinking large elements of typography interacting with body copy. Mimicking shapes. Folded perspectives. Black and white elements with spots of bold, unexpected color to move the eye along the pages. There is a lot of content so I don't want to suffocate it with complicated imagery. Simple lines, shapes, and just the right colors. Here are a few more pieces of inspiration that I found: