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Extract Update (x2)

I ended up purchasing some bottles with droppers for pretty cheap on amazon. I purchased 2 oz and 4 oz sizes. The droppers are black. I also purchased vellum instead of printing on acetate. It will still be a bit translucent but not so much that it feels too modern. I didn't think the acetate translated well over the amber glass. And also, I can't print with white ink which is what would really show up best. Going to do a test print on vellum today to make sure. For now I've got the label printed on copy paper.  ALSO, I've decided today instead of illustrating these botanical elements, I'm going to print out some of my favorites, and collage them and photograph it to take it out of the digital world again before reprinting. I think this will add to the handcrafted element I'm trying to evoke. 

During class I made a bunch of mock ups to see how this was working in context. 

here is the design I am resting on for today. still have a lot of type TLC to do but I'd like to create a cohesive design system in which the image can be replaced and the type remains in the same place so that when these are lined up on the shelf or possibly in an optional collection set, they will look like something you would want to have on your counter. 

I've been editing these at work. I think this is my final for the orange for critique on Friday. I really like the way the type is working and the details I have added. The color might be a bit off, have to look at it printed on the paper I've selected. It's a tinted cardstock. beige color.