k r i s t e n
d e s i g n

p r o c e s s

Final Extract Mockup

Still need to take official photos for these, but here are what my extracts ended up looking like. I wanted to design a universal template that could fit any type of extract, seeing how there are so many and Kroger could add more at some point. I also wanted a universal way to make these be identifiable. A child could figure out what these are without having to read, a person with horrible eyesight would be able to distinguish flavor by image, and a person in a rush would grab these because they don't have to read or investigate to figure out what the product is.

I changed the bottles to glass amber with droppers to add a practical sense of precision. There is no reason for a bottle of extract to not have some sort of dispensary system when so many recipes call for a certain amount of drops, or fractions of a tablespoon. This allows the chef to be exact, without spending a lot of money. I printed on sticker paper so that these labels can be easily removed and the bottles can be repurposed for something else. A lot of the demographic (which is pretty general, I suppose, people who cook, mostly women) would be concerned with sustainability and repurposing. Pinterest followers are all about repurposing and DIY. A lot of people make their own extracts, or essential oils. This bottle would facilitate those hobbies.

I made six flavors because I had six bottles. I plan on refining these and reprinting, like usual. But for now, I'm really pleased with how they turned out and all of the tactful decision making that I was able to do. I'm getting much better at finding my own efficient process. I made smart decisions from the beginning and didn't waiver on my design choices too much, but still did quite a few iterations. I think I've improved the way I work.