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Logo-build Storyboards

I am using my logo that I created last year because I put a lot of thought into it and even after the time has passed, it still represents me. The sharp angles of the K and A are represented without actually being shown. The first sketch is reminiscent of a shark. I wanted to bring to life these shapes into some sort of miniature composition that implied a large space, even at a small scale. The second sketch is more about geometrics without any metaphors besides the movement and original shapes.  The third sketch is my favorite. It was my initial idea of this triangle shape turning into a cliff or a mountain with a smaller triangle flying around like a bird. The two would converge at the end, creating the form for the logo. I have an affinity for birds and mountains and the sense of solitude I get from viewing them. I have another idea where the triangle is a feather, but it was too complex to be understood at a small scale. I think this abstracted version will work well with some refinement. 

(edit) I added this top version to make it a bit clearer with the triangle flying around the other. The triangle representing the mountain didn't need to be flipped like I had it before I simplified the idea.