k r i s t e n
d e s i g n

p r o c e s s

Final Logo Build

Really pleased with how this turned out. I had to simplify my original idea but by doing so, I was able to make some parts more dynamic. The bird is representative of me, I suppose. In a symbolic sort of way. The angular lines represent the K and A initials. The graphic elements are constantly being refined, right up until the end when they come into focus, which is the way my process works. I really enjoyed this project. I've included both Vimeo and Youtube links. My Youtube account is where I put all of my motion process. The way I work in after effects, I have to render out when I get to a stopping point to fully assess what is happening and how to move forward. It is nice to upload a handful of these renders to look at after I've reached a resolution with the final piece. I like to track my progression visually.