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"Museum of (false) Feelings"

I'm not really a Vice person but I appreciate the review of this pop up 'exhibition'. I have had some senior thesis ideas in the works that pertain to emotions and the senses so when this video came up on my newsfeed I got really excited/ kind of mad that someone thought of it first. When I watched the video, I realized that it wasn't what I had in mind at all. I have been concocting a way to provoke emotions in people through design and exploring ways to design for the senses. This relates to my last blogpost regarding culture and social media.

There is a place in New York called the "Museum of Feelings" and at first glance it seems like a FANTASTIC idea. In fact, it's really close to what I've been dreaming about, or so I thought. The problem is, it's false representation of the people of New York created by GLADE to sell more scents.  I was genuinely upset when the Vice team revealed that this Museum of "Feelings" was completely geared by social media and marketing.

If you look through Youtube videos, this place is AMAZing and people LOVE it, but to me it seems that they are distracted by the beautiful lights and sensory displays, ignoring (or even worse, accepting) the fact that they are being falsely represented. This is the way in which people are changing and one of the things I was writing about in my previous post regarding a cultural assessment and being aware of the massive changes that have taken place and continue to morph and progress our society. I do recognize the good things that social media has done, but this is not one of them.

The outside of the building changes colors according to the moods that some algorithm interprets by monitoring NY's social media presence and what people are posting. The problem is, any kind of negative emotion is NOT represented. The outside of the building remains bright and optimistic. What does this say about social media and the cultural shift it is creating? Are we really this complacent? Is this how you want to be represented? This is about corporate manipulation and people's false representations of themselves on social media. This display by Glade really highlights the atrocities of curating the image you project of yourself to others via the internet.

The museum of false feelings was a complete letdown but thanks, Glade for pushing me in an even more authentic direction. If you're going to represent people's emotions, do it in a genuine way. I'm inclined to provoke these emotions rather than assess them. I want to create something that people can use for emotional support, not a false evaluation of their fabricated social media presence.

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