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Sketches// work

I'd like to show you a few of the sketches I've been working on personally and for KCPT. I've found that even if I don't have time to create something start to finish, a drawing a day keeps the chaos away. At least the creative chaos within. It also helps me to document my experiences and seems to imprint them into my brain. The ballet sketches were practice for an infographic about the Nutcracker at the Kansas City Ballet. The bottle sketches were for another infographic about decanting your own wine, the Downton Abbey way.

Eventually these things are translated into vector form to prepare for their final resting place. These are all of the icons created with the required color template. Figuring out a way to make a ball of crumpled up paper (lower left corner) was surprisingly difficult.

The sketches for Downton Abbey were welcomed in their raw sketched form and worked well for the task given. I found the older wine bottles more difficult to draw for their unique stem. I enjoyed working on this sketch and learning about the process of decanting wine. 

These sketches are not the final pieces, but rather parts to the final piece. Someone else puts the finished product together. I've learned a lot working at KCPT so far. A lot about files, transferring files, invoices, expectations and demands, and team work. I've also gained a little more confidence with illustration and creating icons. I'm currently working on another set of icons that will be related to the homicide statistics in KC. A lot of what I do is editing files that are already made or converting things to applicable formats. This is why I chose to show you the two projects that I made with my own hands.                            

Hope you have a relaxing evening. Remember to take time for yourself. ~Kristen

                     These photos are from Bruno Munari's "The Fine Art of Italian Hand Gestures"

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