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UX | Tutorial video mood boards


This is a video I found a long time ago and forgot about, but probably subconsciously inspired the one Whitney and I are about to create. The stop motion makes this so much more worthwhile to watch. The animated eggs add another level of interest to this tutorial.

Our target audience is universal. We want this to appeal to a diverse audience, without targeting anyone specifically. I don't think there will be an age limit for the appeal of this video. There will be elements that are interesting to all.

Lily (23) Lily is in college and wants to make breakfast for her roommate who she just moved in with, but she hasn't tried to cook anything yet because her last apartment was right next to a convenience store. Their cupboards are bare with only eggs, bread, butter, salt & pepper in the house. She needs a really clear, simple, but interesting tutorial to show her a few options.

Bayley (12)Bayley's mom works the night shift and she's been too tired to run to the store. It's a school day and she needs to figure out how to make eggs quickly, but she doesn't really know what kind she wants.

Greg (43) Greg is recently divorced and his wife used to cook him breakfast every morning, so he's unsure about how to cook eggs. He wants to make a poached egg like she used to make him. He has a short attention span.

We will have a storyboard and mood boards for our keynote on Wednesday.