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Wish list for Jobs | Short & Long-term goals | Reading Response (Frank Chimero)

I have listed three studios that I have had my eye on for a little while that I would like to try to work for, or at least find out more about. I really want to move my family to the mountains in an environment that is more cohesive with nature and an active lifestyle. The midwest is great, but people don't get out much. The land (unless you are a farmer) is not as much a part of the culture, and doesn't influence people around here. I want to live in a diverse, enriched landscape. I love the vastness of the sky when you are in the mountains, and at the same time, the feeling of sweet isolation. The farm I grew up on had 95 acres and the sky was endless. If I have to live in the midwest, I need to live in a rural area and would probably have to commute, which I'd really like to avoid. As much as I love having a career and being a part of the city, I could never live in the heart of one. There's that cliche, "you can take the girl out of the country, but you can't...", you know the rest. It shows glimpses of itself in my work, it comes through when I speak, and it's most definitely determining where I want to live. So, here are some studios that I would love to work for.

http://castirondesign.com (colorado)

http://bergerfohr.com (colorado)

http://www.laundrystudio.com (oregon)

http://www.spillt.com (denver) --i don't really want to live in denver but you never know

I'm currently working for KCPT doing motion graphics, branding, logos, and infographics. It has been really interesting working in the broadcasting world, a place that I never saw myself in but am so glad that I had the opportunity to be a small part of. We just finished all of the pieces of an informative broadcast regarding homicide in KC today and I got a thank you email from boss and it felt so wonderful to have worked with a team to create this big production. I used to only like working alone, but now I completely understand and respect the value of collaboration; especially for huge endeavors. I have learned so much from the people around me. I crave interactions with other creatives just to glean more information and widen my perspective.

I'd like to work somewhere where I can create motion graphics as my main job. I am still researching to find more studios that fit what I envision my working environment to be like. I don't want to sell myself short, but I also don't want to put something down that is unattainable.

As far as picking these studios go, I'm trying to be realistic because of my responsibilities as a mother. I honestly don't know where we're going to be or what kind of place I should work in, I'll just be really grateful to have a career that I have worked so hard for. I have to think about my children being sensitive to the move and new environment, as we've already had a lot of unexpected and difficult changes in the past 5 years. I don't want to disrupt their world in a negative way. They are both in school, so it isn't fair of me to just choose a studio and decide to move there without considering their education and well-being. So to be quite honest, I don't know. It still hasn't really hit me that I actually made it back to school after a decade and that I am doing so well. It still hasn't hit me that I am no longer a part of the single mother statistics that so painfully outline the struggles of being a mother on your own and trying to make a life for your family. Everything good that has happened to me so far has been because of hard work and perseverance. As it stands now, I can't see past the end of my contract with KCPT in April. I think I need to do more research about schools in the areas around these studios for my children, and what our life would be like in each place. I'd like to look at more states, I'd like to VISIT more states but I'm not sure that's going to be feasible. Who knows, I may just stay here. While going back to school has certainly expanded my horizons, my future is not entirely open. These decisions need to be made with great care.

As far as the Frank Chimero article, I found the advice really helpful. I agree with the idea of beating the competition with thoughtfulness and purchasing things lightly used. I think I wrote about this article in a previous post, but I reread it and, like I said before, I have two books with me at all times, one non-fiction, one fiction. The first is Design as Art: Bruno Munari, and the second is Franz Kafka's complete stories. I enjoy designing to relate to other people, or create something that they can relate to. I agree that you can do this by evaluating your experiences as an individual, and as a part of society. And as far as meeting people who care about the same obscurities as you, well, this is why I love KCAI and I know how much I'm going to miss it. There is really nothing like being in a little world full of people who are so interesting and creative. When you work in a job that doesn't feel fulfilling to the world or to yourself, you realize how special a place like KCAI is. The world can be isolating for creative people if they aren't able to express themselves both through like minded conversation and an environment that promotes creativity and creation. Giving out advice can be detrimental and I try not to do that because I realize now as I get older, I don't know everything and pretty much everyone else is making things up as they go, too. And that's okay.

See you tomorrow.