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Another Reading Response | Domain Update | Brand mark update

Hello all, it's been a rough week but here we go. I read the article about interviewers which was sort of painful to read (because I know we all make these mistakes when interviewing) but extremely helpful in reminding me of proper interview etiquette. I suppose I've never looked at it from (solely) the perspective of the interviewer because I've always been so worked up about how I present myself. They are forming a long-term relationship with you so this is as big of a deal for them as it is for you. I do agree with not giving away that you want the job until you know much more about it, so asking questions is really important. I always try to research the company beforehand and mention a particular project that I found inspiring and maybe a short sentence about why. A genuine followup to the interview is so important. I think one of the most common interview mistakes is being negative. I don't think I've ever done this but I've had to stop myself from doing so, it's easy to say something negative about a previous job or school and I think interviewers will test you on this by asking loaded questions. I know I've experienced this in the past with non-design related jobs. They do a bit of fishing to see how you reflect on your experiences and if you are a positive person or not. Negativity has no place in a work environment of any kind.

I have chosen the domain name of kris10.design. Thought long and hard about it and I realize it may be more difficult to find than .com but I think it sets me apart a bit and is more unique than kristendesign.com. I've never really related to my first name at all so this branding of myself has been the most difficult thing I've done thus far. I've realized that my relationship with my personal identity is flawed in that my name doesn't and hasn't ever felt like it belongs to me or reflects my personality. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has felt this way. I do like my name, especially my middle name, Renee, but I've never been able to introduce myself as "Kristen" without flinching a little. Is that weird? Also, Gramma if you're reading this, please don't get mad. lol I do like my name, I just feel distanced from it. I think I prefer when I am called "Kristen Renee" which I translated into kaywrenay for short, reflecting my affinity for birds (the wren). This is a black wren, which is one of my favorite birds. It lives in Australia, I believe, on a small island. I thought of setting my domain name as kaywrenaydesign.com but I thought the spelling may be weird for people and the meaning may be too abstract. My idea was to have this as my domain name and have a black wren as my logo, helping me keep that distance from my name with a clear symbolic representation of myself and my work. The other route is kris10 because it's how I've signed my name since I was little. It was soon shortened to k10 and sort of just stuck. I think of these two directions as the polarities of my personality. There is the delicate, elegant side with passionate emotions (kaywrenay)and the other that is logical, analytical, and minimalistic (k10 or kris10). Am I taking this too far, too seriously? Probably. But it's important to me that this be right, or I won't be happy with it.

I'll leave you with a photo of the black fairy-wren and I'll have an update on my brand mark, visually, tomorrow.