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Confidence Article Response | Platform decisions

I like the idea that creative confidence can be built. I would say my biggest flaw with my design work is my lack of confidence. I rarely feel like my work is completely finished or good enough. I think it has helped that I've become more familiar with my process and in turn, streamlined the way I create. Feedback is invaluable and I'm so thankful to have my smart classmates as a resource. I totally believe that confidence is acquired and can grow and flourish with time and self-discipline. I think admitting when you don't have an answer and then going to find that answer is really admirable and I try to be humble during critique. I think I'm usually pretty clear about my concept because I'm very familiar with whatever I'm working on and have invested myself into the work completely. I don't think I'm lacking in diligence and I'm always making refinements. I find it hard to be at a resting place with my work.

I didn't know what a "rational first principle" was so I clicked the link to read that article as well. It's about explaining your work beginning with the reasons for each deliberate decision, allowing the viewer to fully understand the foundation of your concept and the reason things turned out the way they did. The idea of creating a brand essence and designing based on simple adjectives has been reinforced throughout my classes here. It solidifies your design to create and stick to those principles without designing based solely on aesthetic.

I really found the articles helpful and plan on working on my confidence from a fundamental standpoint. It seems that I am doing all of the right things, but my personality gets in the way of my confidence. It's been a problem for me since elementary school and was really amplified after my divorce. So I think it's fair to say that you can be a confident designer without a confident personality. Life happens and it changes people, regardless of what their profession is. It is difficult to build confidence when it's been ripped from you, especially after you've worked to restore it.

As far as a platform for my website goes, I am leaning towards Wordpress because of the possibilities for customization. I would like to have a site that is engaging and highlights my love for motion graphics. Will post sitemap today by end of class, I spent a really long time on my brand mark because I find it difficult to move forward without it. It feels like a really big decision to me and I'm not taking it lightly. I came up with something and got feedback from the class this morning and got an overwhelming response of it being too complex. I'll post a png so you can see what I'm talking about. I think I'm going to revisit what I had initially sketched because this just isn't working and I'm trying not to be frustrated with it.

Too dominant on the page. So I'm back to the drawing board and my goal is to have it finished ASAP. By Monday for sure. I think because I have gone through so much exploration, I am at a point where I can think more clearly about the design.