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Domain name update

I was able to get three domains for a really good price by using coupons and lots of different searches and variations. I am really happy with what I got. I was thinking of adding a design variation to the kaywrenay but I think I want to keep that domain as possibly another body of work. Maybe something interactive. I will have kristen-design.com redirect to kristen.design. I was pretty thrilled that no one had purchased kristen.design, I felt like I had to because it would be gone soon. Seems like the new trend is to get a .design or . whatever. Kaywrenay, like I said in my last post has to do with the combination of my first and middle names, Kristen Renee, Kayrenee, and one of my favorite birds is the black wren, so replacing "wren" with "RENee" to also exemplify my affinity for birds made perfect sense. I think I could use this domain for something more experimental or interactive or maybe a home for my sound work as I have gotten even more heavily into production lately and kind of need a space for that work to live and be absorbed. Once summer break rolls around, my goal is to make some animations or some kind of footage to go with a lot of my sound projects but I haven't had the time for that and don't plan to until then. So for now, I'd be curious to see how all of that would live on the web in a single space. I've been working on sound since fall semester so I've got quite a few portfolio pieces.