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Egg Tutorial Update

So last week there were complications getting the rough draft correctly formatted to upload to Youtube. The file was huge, and even after I figured out how to export it properly, Youtube had trouble uploading with estimated times of 6,000 minutes. I tried for 3 days to upload the video and it wouldn't work in multiple formats. Whitney and I have since shot more footage of the eggs and have been able to refine and explore a little more because we have filmed these so many times now. I am really proud of how hard we've worked to get this done. It's been really nice working with her and I think we have both been having a lot of fun. We communicate really well and that makes the process go really smoothly, and I appreciate that.

Keep in mind the edits are not complete yet, just getting footage all in one place. Editing should be done by tomorrow and at that point I am going to add more stop-motion in places that need it like in between egg types for title screens and transitions. Whitney is working on our beautiful icons, text transitions, and animating those elements. Here are the icons she's been working on:

She brightened them up after we spoke last week and she did an amazing job. I love how fun they look. I would say the essence word for our video is light-hearted and these icons fit so well. 

Here is some footage of what we've been working on: