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p r o c e s s

Personal brand mark sketches | round 1

The first three logo sketches I've included are the ones I like the most, the fourth was a short exploration. The middle one is about me being introverted and feeling comfortable in the sort of environment that the letter "k" (personified) is feeling. I wanted to make this example more like a scene, a narrative, within a logo. The top logo is exploring what I could do with alignment and a typeface or two. The fourth and final drawing I don't particularly like but wanted to include for the sake of exploration. The third logo is interesting in that has clarity through depth. (((My mom is opening Barbie when we get home)))) -- I fell asleep while I was typing and wrote that sentence. I decided not to erase it because it was too bizarre and I didn't want to forget. I think my daughter's birthday weekend has officially worn me out. Anyway, my favorite logo sketch is the circle, the second one. I like that from far away it looks like an eye but as you get closer it appears to be a person in some sort of cavity.