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Portfolio Website Reviews

I've been trying out a few portfolio websites that were on the pro practice blog. My favorite was Cargo. Squarespace seems really trustworthy and kind of fool-proof. Virb was also nice, but I don't like the green toolbar that never goes away. I thought the Behance pro site looked kind of generic and limited, but I really enjoyed the import feature from my Behance account. I saw that they are discontinuing Behance Prosite and will now have it through Adobe Portfolio. I went ahead and did my template in there and this is what it looks like: 

 They also show you what it will look like on iPad and mobile devices before you publish, which is really helpful.

This is a Cargo template in which each project takes center stage. When clicked on, you can see a vertical scroll list of the works. I felt like I had already explored the squares and wanted to try something different. This is just a rough mockup. Once you click and get to the second screen, the negative space is kind of beautiful. The subtle typography gives just the right amount of importance to the information. Cargo is definitely one of my favorites. 

Wix is sensible and simple to use. I like the way everything is clearly laid out and there are nice little grids to help you align things. It seems more customizable than most. 

This is Virb and that pesky green menu bar that I didn't really like. I enjoyed the clean typography options. 

I enjoyed squarespace a lot. I think out of all of these sites, I trusted Squarespace's and Cargo's parameters the most. By that I mean, whichever options I chose, it's probably going to look nice. They were also the simplest to use. 

I also looked at five different graphic design portfolios that I was inspired by. I think a lot of them are custom built and able to support animation. I am still investigating how they are made but here are the links, you should check them out. 

I especially like the interactivity of Haus and Shiftbrain. I hope to include that level of engagement eventually within my professional site. I went to the Wordpress workshop on Saturday and got my website set up. I'm excited for the possibilities now that I've done a little more research.